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As a physician in today’s healthcare, I understand that there is a growing need to expand and diversify our approach to a patient’s care; it especially becomes to light when it hits home. My son is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. My wife and I have made sure he has been given every possible means for help, whether it be his primary care, specialists, therapists, etc. I am a proponent to the medical field and medications (if needed), but Dr. Bova provides a different approach and perspective. I am impressed with his physiological knowledge, his approach to treating the condition, and his dietary recommendations. I can say that I have seen improvement in my son since seeing him. He has gained my trust that my wife and I see him as well as his patients. He comes with high regards from my standpoint.

Thank you, Dr. Bova, for all your help.

-Alan C., MD

We brought our son Oscar who is almost 5 years old, into Dr. Bovas office after seeing almost every type of specialist in the area. Oscar has been under the care of a Family Pediatrician, Developmental Pediatrician, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Pediatric Otolaryngology and an Orthopedic Surgeon. He has a Physical Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, ABA Therapist, Behavior Therapist, at home Speech Tutor and an at home Play Therapist. Most visits with doctors and therapists ended with hearing that we were doing everything that we could do, but we knew in our hearts that there had to be someone out there who could help him. 
By the time, we sat down with Dr. Bova we were exhausted (physically and emotionally) having tried so many strategies ourselves. Oscar was nonverbal at the time of our first visit with Dr. Bova. He had chronic diarrhea and would spit up and vomit often. He had sleep disturbances and many behavior problems. He is one of 5 children and things at home were very difficult. Dr. Bova immediately suggested an elimination diet and some supplements. We had already tried going dairy free and gluten free but we had never done it in the way Dr. Bova had suggested. It was not easy at first but after the first couple weeks we started to see changes. Oscar starting using signs more regularly and started to use words. He was finally communicating! His sleep improved and he now goes right to sleep every night and sleeps through the night. His stool is finally firmer. He is more alert and we are seeing less tantrums and outbursts. His eye contact has improved significantly. He responds when we call his name. He is saying “hi” and waving now. He currently has 15 signs and 14 words or approximations. He is sitting and attending better for his therapy sessions at home and school. He is trying new foods he refused before like butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, strawberries and raspberries. All foods he wouldn’t even touch before and would throw if offered. We work hard on the therapy suggestions at home. Dr. Bova even contacted Oscar teachers and therapists at his school. He had a conference call with them and explained all the therapies he wanted us all to work on at home and school and discussed the diet with them. Dr. Bova and Allie also emailed a list of goals to Oscars teacher so that they can track Oscars progress at school. 
Things have really improved for Oscar and our entire family! While we have a long way to go we finally feel like we are getting somewhere. After almost two years of dead ends we finally feel like we’ve made a break through and real measurable progress. We now know Oscar will be able to speak and communicate with us. I know he has food sensitivities and allergies that we can easily avoid. We are thankful we found Dr. Bova.

-Caroline S.

I started seeing Dr. Bova for migraines I’ve been suffering with for the last 20 years. I was on 3 different medications, but still experiencing severe migraines on a regular basis. After my primary care doctor wanted to add another medication, my wife and I agreed it was time to get to the root of the problem and not add more harmful drugs to my system.  Dr. Bova spent so much time with me during my first visit. He listened and asked questions that no other doctor had ever done. 

I began feeling better instantly after starting Dr. Bova’s plan. I was able to come off all of my medications within a few weeks and have been migraine-free ever since. Also, I have not had any heartburn that I frequently was experiencing either. I have more energy and am enjoying real, whole foods that I am now convinced have led to my wellness. Thank you, Dr. Bova

-Josh S.

I started the Bova Diet and plan when I was at the very end of my rope. My entire life, I had suffered from extreme migraines, I always thought that this was just the card I drew and just needed to continue to learn to deal with it. Six months ago, my migraines went to a new level of pain and was experiencing them two times a week, making it impossible for me to even go to work. After much dragging of my feet, I finally embraced the new life change the diet brings in hopes that my headaches would finally be over and done.

I SIT HERE TODAY MIGRAINE FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE and could not be more thankful that Dr. Bova followed the calling the Lord put on his life. I encourage anyone to go see Dr. Bova because chances are he has the answer to what you are struggling with.

-Aubrey H.

I came to Dr. Bova because of dizziness and pain in my legs. His initial treatment plan made me aware of my food intolerances and improvement began within the first week of dietary changes. The Functional Neurological treatment helped my pain, dizziness and balance. His explanation of brain functions are so clear and helpful in working toward improvement. He also helped me tremendously with the pain when I experienced an outbreak of shingles. I am very grateful for Dr. Bova’s expertise, care and compassion.

-Barbara G.

I was having dizzy spells in which my eyes went out of focus for periods of about 5-15 seconds. I also had great difficulty reading. My eye doctor could not see anything wrong with my vision upon examination. My cardiologist ordered two tests, both of which came back normal. My neurologist diagnosed me with dizziness and transient alteration of awareness. He ordered an EEG and orthostatic blood pressure testing, both were normal. Friends of ours had just gotten to know Dr. Bova and highly recommended that we make an appointment with him. They said that there were new studies of the brain and treatments to correct such puzzling occurrences. Definitely worth looking into!!

I am so glad we did! These exciting new discoveries about the workings of the brain and the help available to correct certain dysfunctions certainly have applied to these problems I had been having. Since beginning treatment to correct the dizziness and reading problems, I gradually improved. Now I can say, I have not had an episode of dizziness and losing focus in over two months. Thank you, Dr. Bova!

-Richard S.

After undergoing 11 years of Botox injections for Cervical Dystonia, Dr. Bova has offered alternative methods of treatment to help one deal with the intense torticollis I experience daily. These methods, along with his in depth explanation of how and why they work have been life changing in my ability to live with this condition. Along with a complete dietary change and modalities to strengthen my weaknesses Dr. Bova’s expertise has helped me realize significant improvement in my over all health a calmer physical being and the satisfaction of being an active participant in my treatment and health care. Complying with the techniques and treatment recommended has produces a significant chance for the better in the severity of the dystonia and given me hope that in the future I may be able to lessen or totally eliminate the need for the Botox injections.
Yes, Dr. Bova’s professionalism, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge in the chiropractic functional neurology field and a genuine compassion for his patients well being has given me cause to recommend him to family and friends. His sincere desire to help his patients regain their health fosters confidence and trust in him and his life style change recommendations.

-Margaret H.

Dr. Bova helped my child in many ways by providing for him specific chiropractic care. After a few weeks of treatment my child was more calm, listening better, focusing better, and we noticed an improvement in his speech. Overall we were very satisfied with the treatment.
My wife and I would definitely recommend Dr. Bova to anybody because we know he has worked hard to know what he knows, he has excellent people skills, especially with kids and he is very smart and my child loves him. He was a big influence on our lives and we would like to have many doctors like him.

-Jaime P.

Now walking without a walker, have better mobility, holding my back and head up more erect. Able to use my hands better to eat and use computer, talking better. Able to get in and out of bed on my own better. Very satisfied with treatment.
Yes, I would recommend Dr. Bova to others and have done so. There are two others that are being treated because of my recommendation and being helped. I feel Dr. Bova has an excellent program that is really WORKING!

-Dale H.

Dr. Bova was able to help Tony in many ways and reduced the need for pain medicine. Most remarkable was his extraordinary knowledge of neurologic disorders. Tony had a reduction of symptoms of Hunington’s Disease such as loss of balance, coordination, rigidity and even constipation. He was able to bring about a sense of well being I had not seen in my husband in several years. We were very sad to have to discontinue care as Dr. Bova prepared to relocate to NY. He is an outstanding doctor.
We would absolutely recommend Dr. Bova! When I brought Tony to Dr. Bova he was already a hospice patient in late stage Hunington’s Disease. Even his care team would remark on how much more at ease he was after treatment by Dr. Bova. Not only was the number and severity of the falls reduced, but Tony’s ability to shower, shave brush his teeth independently was restored. His ability to communicate what he like and disliked was even more clear.

-Sue + Tony B.

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